DBI Sala Adjust-A-Net 20' x 40' with Debris Liner (4100401) - Fall Protection Products

Adjust-A-Net 20' x 40' with Debris Liner (4100401)

Adjust-A-Net 20' x 40', Adjustable Fall Protection and Debris Containment Net System with Debris Liner


  • Easily adjustable straps allow you to adjust any size net down to 50% of its original size
  • Quick-adjust buckle releases reduce sag
  • 3-1/2″ mesh which is the smallest in the industry for better protection
  • Attached debris liner for added workplace safety
  • Specially developed coating to protect from the damaging effects of UV light, resist abrasion and securely bond all convergent points
  • Inspection-ready test cords serve as a built in indicator and allow for the evaluation of Adjust-A-Net’s structural integrity
  • Rugged steel snap hooks are placed every 48″ – staggered spacing on opposite sides allows any size Adjust-A-Net to be easily connected with another
  • Long-wearing, high-tenacity nylon has been tested to withstand a force greater than 17,500 foot-pounds and complies with ANSI and OSHA regulations

Adjust-A-Net is a one-of-a-kind (Patent 6,068,085) personnel net system that is specially designed to be easily adjustable, thereby fitting any and all workspaces where personal fall protection or debris capturing is required.

$3,112.00 each

Style Adjust-A-Net
Size 20′ x 40′
Debris Liner Yes