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Perimeter Net Add-On Kit (4100007)

Perimeter Net Add-On Kit (Black)


  • Single floor, fully adaptable light-duty perimeter debris netting system for concrete construction
  • Catches bricks, concrete blocks, hand tools, and general construction debris
  • Contains jobsite debris from construction activities
  • Entire system can be moved up to the next floor level as construction progresses
  • Comes in convenient 25 ft (7.5m) units and is installed with sturdy hardware (half the weight of old style nets)
  • Provides security and safety to workers, the public and equipment
  • Easily installed from one level without the use of a crane or specialized equipment
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards by providing fall protection from the working surface of the floor to which the system is mounted

The perimeter net debris system is a convenient, economical way to ensure protection, confidence and productivity at your concrete building site. This system is the first lightweight system for rigging nets around the perimeter of new concrete buildings.

$3,058.00 each

Style Perimeter Net Add-On Kit