Attachment Kit for Vertical Net Debris Containment System (4100003)

Attachment Kit for Vertical Net Debris Containment System, 55 EZ Clips and 22 Tie Down Plates


  • 55 EZ Clips and 22 tie-down plates
  • Increases public safety by preventing falling debris
  • Protects from falling debris and also protects workers by serving as a guard rail
  • Easy to install, remove, relocate and store
  • Eliminates the need for a separate mid-rail and toe-board
  • Exceeds strength requirements of OSHAs 200 lb lateral force test
  • Highly visible with UV stabilized and flame resistant polyethylene mesh

Designed for use with traditional cable set-ups, the nets attach to the cable with EZ Clips. The bottom edge of the net is quickly secured using a power-actuated tool to fire the nail into the tie-down plate. Nets are sold separately or in kits that include clips and tie-down plates for installation. Nets are supplied in 100′ lengths in your choice of 48″ or 66″ heights (42″ or 60″ installed).

$43.44 each

Style Attachment Kit

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