DBI Sala Confined Space and Rescue - Fall Protection Products

Confined Space and Rescue

original Davits

Durable and dependable, DBI-SALA’s portable davit arm and base is a versatile alternative to a tripod. Three bases offer easy set-up and flexibility: a free standing portable base and separate permanent bases for steel or cement.

original Fisk Descender

The simplest, most effective descent control system ever designed – intended to be used as a component of a rope descent system. This equipment is used for applications that include repelling, work positioning, and rescue operations.

original PFAS

Specifically designed for use on top of transformers or other types of vertical platforms with potential fall hazards.

original Rescumatic

Provides safe, automatic controlled descent from overhead
cranes, towers, buildings or other heights.

original Rollgliss

This line provides quick and safe operation with superior technology and design. The system can be used for rescue and evacuation from heights and for one or two users.

original RPD

For utmost confidence, DBI SALA’s packaged rescue systems are a perfect rescue/retrieval safety solution. You can go on the job knowing that your equipment is ready to go – totally compatible and built with DBI SALA quality.

original Tripods

Designed to withstand up to 5,000 lbs. of vertical pull, DBI/SALA tripods are lightweight and portable without sacrificing strength and durability. Setup is quick and easy, requiring only one person.

original Winches

Systems are portable, heavy-duty lifeline and retrieval systems for rescues and confined space operations.