DBI Sala Anchors - Fall Protection Products


original Anchorage Connectors

DBI/SALA manufactures the industry’s widest range of anchorage connectors, combining ease of use, lightweight and high strength (5000 lb. min. tensile strength). No matter what you are connecting to, DBI/SALA has a connector to get the job done and keep you safe in case of a fall.

original Carabiners and Hooks

DBI/SALA’s carabiners are an extremely versatile choice to keep your system securely connected.

original Concrete Anchors

A simple, Versatile and safe anchor that will hold up to its environment! For use in temporary or permanent applications.

original Fixed Beam Anchors

Specifically designed for a fall arrest anchorage and also makes an excellent end point for our Sayfline synthetic horizontal lifeline system (HLL) and other similar DBI/SALA approved systems.

original Other Anchors

You’ll find all other types of anchors here.

original Roof Anchors

Designed to be used as a temporarily installed anchorage connector on wood or steel frame structures.