Configuring a DBI Sala Davit

DBI Sala Davits can be used and configured for emergency rescue or lowering a person into a confined space such as a manhole or elevator shaft. This document is intended to help you configure a DBI Sala davit for your application.

If at any time you would like us to help you configure a davit, please contact a specialist at 941 894 0564.

The davit is actually a very simple item to configure. It consists of a base and a davit. The davit comes in two configurations. A two piece davit which has the horizontal mast and the vertical extensions separate. A couple of things to note. The horizontal mast comes in two different lengths.

-30 inches to 42 inches.

-12 to 29 inches.

This includes both the one and two piece davits.

If you look at figure 1 it will show you the options fot the two piece davits.

image1Figure 1

You will notice that this image also shows the vertical extensions possible.. One reason to use the two piece davit is if it is being moved to different locations where height restrictions may vary. You can use one vertical extension in one location and another in a different location. The other is we have carying carts for the multi-piece systems.

The single piece systems are pictured below.

image2Figure 2

The three davits to the left are short reach davits (32 to 29 inches).The three davits to the right are long reach (30 to 42 inches).

We generally recommend the one piece davit, but it depends on the application.

On all davit horizontal sections, you will note a silver section at the end of the davit. This can be extended or retracted and is held in place by a detente pin.

At the end, is a 5000 lbs anchor point. It can be used for any fall protection device, typically an SRL.SRL’s, however, are typically mounted to the vertical mast as shown below. The blue device that the worker standing up and holding is an SRL.


The most commonly used bases are permanent bases. They typically come in zink plated, stainless steel, and in some cases galvanized.

image3Figure 3

All bases can be used with all davits. They have a small hole in the bottom and hPVC liner for reduced friction. They can pivot 360 degrees if there is no obstruction can be bolted or welded to concrete or steel. Please contact us at 800 328 6146 for details on mounting bases.








We also have a variety of speciality bases and adapters. Please contact us on those.


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